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(The Forest Book)

Everything you need to know in 50 graphics

Forests are full of hopes: as they sequester CO2 they slow down climate change, as rainforests they are home to thousands of species and they can deliver sustainable resources if cleverly managed. Despite their immense value for humanity they are in dire straights: Brasil is massively deforesting, California and Australian forests are burning more severe than ever and European forests are hit by a terrible draught and pine beetle invasion.

With the help of multiple scientists, Esther Gonstalla has transformed the complex data into easy to understand information graphics on
climate, deforestation and regeneration of forests.

The Forest Book looks at forests and trees from the root to the leaves and is showing opportunities and saving our forests and managing it sustainable for future generations to enjoy.

Hardcover, 128 pages with 50 Infographics
oekom verlag, feb. 2021


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